1How should I dress?

We’ve all heard the phrase “dress for the job you WANT.”

The same is true of headshots. Wear the battle armor that you know is fitting for the upward trajectory of your career.

2What if I’m not photogenic?

Then you will truly be the first.

3What is the photo session like?

The session starts the moment you book your time slot. I will make sure any questions you have are answered in our pre-session phone call, from what to wear, to what you can expect. When you arrive, we will chat about any last minute questions you may have, and I will let you know what to expect during the session. I use both white and gray backgrounds to get a clean, modern look, giving your eyes pop and skin tones looking their best. While shooting your headshots, I will be using advanced coaching techniques to get a confident and approachable look, while maintaining a genuine expression. After all, when a prospective client or employer looks at your headshot, they are going to make an instant decision about you – shouldn’t that be the most positive image possible?

When we are done shooting, we will sit down together and go through the shots to find the best ones for you. These images will come to you retouched and ready to use.

4Are headshots really that important?

When you see professional profiles, do you look at their photo? What about restaurant, don’t you see photos of their food before you eat there?

The right professional headshot helps create the right first impression. And the thing about first impressions is just that – you only get one! Let’s make it count.

5What expression is right?

The simple answer is this: confidence and approachability.

However, in the end, it’s my job to coach you while the photos are being taken, and my job to find the best angles, lighting, and so on, that capture that perfect expression at the right moment.

If you are thinking about your career goals and business success, you will be projecting the right expression!

6How much does this headshot cost?

Please see our pricing above.